Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everything's better with bacon

That's Better - Bacon!
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Lately my girls have become SO picky. The realistic side of me knew it was coming, but the idealistic side was hoping we would skip that whole "picky toddler" phase due to my diligence in feeding them diverse foods from the time they first started solids. Alas, I have to admit defeat. While the girls used to beg for peas, happily chomp on roasted beets and joyfully scarf down whole grain muffins, suddenly they're those stereotypical kids who love something one week, hate it the next. Brynn even turned down a cookie today with an emphatic "Yuck!"

Although many of my meals have been rejected lately, I enjoyed some success last night in getting my girls to not only eat green beans, but devour them and even ask for seconds! How? By sauteeing them in bacon fat.

I cooked two pieces of bacon in a skillet, pulled them out once they had shed a fair amount of grease, and then added a few handfuls of fresh green beans. I sprinkled on a little bit of salt to taste, but the bacon fat provided a good amount of flavor & saltiness on its own.

So it wasn't the healthiest side dish in the world...but it got my girls excited about eating greens. Now I am looking forward to combining bacon with some other greens - I see a kale & bacon experiment in my near future.


  1. I've eaten a bacon chocolate bar which was pretty damn tasty!

  2. Sorry girls are getting a bit picky they still eat way better than my kids... although i can proudly say my kiddos have never turned down a cookie of any kind! HA HA!!

  3. I must say I grew up on green beans that were cooked with bacon fat and bacon pieces sprinkled on them when served (YUM). Give me a serving a of green beans any day with bacon flavor!!!
    I am so shocked the girls are rejecting food as they were always fun to feed when I babysat.

  4. bacon and green beans were absolutely MADE for each other!

    However. My boys still insist on eating the bacon and *trying* to leave the beans!