Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food blogs r fun

A few years ago I had what I thought was a brilliant and original idea: What if there was a website where people could post and talk about recipes they had actually made themselves, and give their own take on what worked and what didn't? I dreamt of a website where cooks could learn from and laugh at each other's culinary successes and disasters.

Little did I know that I'm completely unoriginal, as this was already being done by tons of food bloggers. (I blame the kids for making me totally out of date when it comes to technology and modern life). Obviously I'm a little late to the table in terms of the food blogging world, but I'm quickly learning how great it is. Aside from the fun I've had writing my own blog, I've discovered lots of other food blogs that are informative, fun, and give me a new perspective on food and what other people like to cook and eat.

As much as I love the Food Network and other food-focused television shows, magazines, etc, it's hard to identify with a lot of those cooks. Even the so-called "relatable" ones scare me a little. I mean, how is it possible for Melissa D'Arabian to have four pre-schoolers at home and cook meals like she does all.the.time? How is it possible that everything Rachel Ray makes tastes so good that she has to moan orgasmically after every bite?

I love learning and talking about food with non-perfect people who simply love to cook and eat - people who are cooking with kids clinging to their legs and whining, who burn the chicken, scrape off the burnt parts and eat it anyway, and who can find equal amounts of joy in an amazing 5-star restaurant meal, some processed crappy food that tastes really good, childhood favorite comfort foods, and an organic salad made with seasonal, local veggies.

In my effort to keep up with the times, I've created a blogroll on the righthand side with links to some of my favorite newly discovered food blogs. I look forward to updating it as I find more and more.


  1. I wonder if Rachel Ray is like that with sex, too.

  2. I just printed the Zucchini & Ricotta Galette......looks yummy!! Do you all like butternut squash?? I have a great recipe for a soup and there is no dairy in it.

  3. Alyssa- this is exactly why I started my blog! Because I am slowly learning how to cook and am tired of watching Martha Stewart, Giada, and everyone else make these insane meals. We're human and we mess up. Why not talk about it with everyone? After all, people are far more apt to appreciate the flaws than the perfection. :)
    ps. thanks for including me on your blogroll. you just made my morning.

  4. I like your list of food blogs. You should check out Ree's Pioneer Woman Cooks.I like how she writes and her step-by-step cooking instructions.Another great way to meet food bloggers too is by going to a food blogger conference.If you have time, it would be great if you could attend the IFBC. this year :)

  5. Alisa - I would love to attend that conference! Thanks for the info...not sure if I can swing it this year, but not ruling it out either.

    PS, I do love the Pioneer Woman blog - just discovered it and haven't had enough time to check it out fully. I got caught up in her story about meeting her husband and didn't get around to the food stuff yet :)

  6. Too funny.
    In my household that burnt chicken is now cajun chicken!
    I love the recipes available, inspires me to rethink dinner daily.