Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fine, fine, I'll make the Roman Style Chicken already!

Every time I've gone to the Food Network website in the last month (which is pretty often), I've seen the same recipe featured: Giada DeLaurentis' Roman Style Chicken. It's appeared on all sorts of lists: healthy meals to kick off the new year, one-skillet meals, reviewers' favorite meals...

So, after seeing it featured for the zillionth time the other day, I just had to make it. A quick read through of the ingredients told me I'd like it. I've determined that you really can't go wrong with a recipe that includes garlic, white wine, and capers.

After making it, I have to agree with the reviewers that it's definitely a keeper. It's simple to prepare (and a lot of the prep can be done ahead, which I LOVE), it's healthy, and it's sure to please almost any palate. My kids have an aversion to bell peppers, but they still enjoyed the taste of the chicken and sauce. I served it over couscous, but it would also be good with some cappellini or my personal favorite: crusty bread. Just make sure you include some sort of starch to sop up the delicious, flavorful sauce, which is the best part of the dish.

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