Monday, October 12, 2009

Making my liver happy, day 1

Australian Orange
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Today is the first day of my 11-day liver detox program. I have to say, I did not have high hopes after what happened yesterday. What happened yesterday was that I didn't have any coffee. I knew this was one of the "rules" of the detox program, and so I decided to start a day early to make the weaning process a little easier.

Well, by 7 pm the headache I'd had all day long was turning into a migraine, and so I gave in and brewed myself a huge cup of coffee. The headache was gone in about 20 minutes.

At first, I took this as a sign that maybe I shouldn't bother with this whole program. I mean, who wants to feel that crappy? But then I reasoned that this should give me even more incentive to forge ahead since I clearly have some bad eating/drinking habits I need to get rid of.

So today is a new day, and so far it's going along swimmingly. Aside from hopefully detoxifying my liver, I am finding some extra benefits to this 11-day experiment. For one, it's forcing me to eat nutritious foods I actually like, but am usually too lazy to an orange. I know it's pathetic, but the main reason I never eat oranges is that I don't like the hassle of peeling them. Why get your fingers all sticky and wet peeling an orange when there are so many fruits you can just bite right into?

But since an orange was on the list of foods to eat, I took the plunge. 10 seconds later, I was finally able to take a bite...and I realized that oranges are actually quite delicious.

My other achievement of the day was concocting a liver-loving chicken salad, which contained three of the "must eat" foods (lean protein, onions, and celery) and none of the bad stuff. Here's what I used:

Chopped, cooked chicken
Brown rice
Mayonnaise (the natural, full-fat kind)
Diced celery
Diced onion
Slivered almonds
A dab of mustard
Salt & pepper

Mix equal parts of chicken & rice, and add enough mayo to coat everything without making it too mayonnaise-y. Then add as much of the other stuff as you want.

I admit, the taste of brown rice takes a little getting used to. I still can't quite manage to eat it on its own, but it works quite nicely in this chicken salad. You could also include some dried cranberries in this salad if you want...I eliminated them this time because I could only find sweetened ones at the store, and sugar is a no-no in the liver detox plan.

Tonight I'm planning on making something delicious out of an artichoke and some kale...we'll see what happens.


  1. I'm the same way about oranges, though I don't mind quartering them and eating them out of the skin. I'm just weird like that.

  2. Wait - does this mean you also had to stop drinking wine?

    Before my surgery, I had to do a three-week liquid diet which was designed to shrink my liver and get rid of as many fatty deposits on the liver as possible, so that the surgery would be easier. I decided (on my own, because what do doctors know) that I could also eat broiled or sauteed chicken breasts because it was also good for the liver. The surgeon did confirm that later on. Oh, and apparently since I don't drink, I had the liver of a 12-year old girl. I'm not sure why he had to say the "girl" part.

  3. Yes, I am having to give up wine for 11 painful days. It's not fun...especially when the girls hit their witching hour and I'm all alone to deal with it. But I timed it so that I'll be ready to drink again by Halloween and Sydney's b-day. Who can tolerate a 3 year old's birthday party without a little booze? :)

  4. That chicken salad sounds delicious!