Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A perfect kid-friendly snack or lunch

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Eggs are my best friends these days. They are:

1) easy to make
2) easy for my 18-month-old to chew
3) easy to mix with other foods
4) a fantastic source of protein and Omega 3s
5) dairy-free!
6) relatively cheap

My daughters usually eat eggs at least every other day, if not more often. Today I came up with a nifty little snack on the fly, which I was quite proud of...because it was healthy and the girls gobbled it up like it was the most fantastic thing they'd ever eaten.

I peeled and halved some hard-boiled eggs I had in the fridge, and then scooped out the yolk (neither of my girls are yolk fans). Then I mixed some canned salmon with some mayo and put it in the little cavity where you'd usually put the filling if you were making deviled eggs.

It can be a pain to make hard-boiled eggs, but I absolutely love having a bowl of them in the fridge. Anytime you're lacking a little protein, you can just chop them up into a salad, eat them plain with a little S&P, or come up with an interesting concoction like the salmon one I made. Eggs rule!

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  1. Since I'm supposed to eat breakfast now, I usually have eggs, but my grocery store sells bags of pre-hard boiled eggs, all peeled and ready to eat. It's only a dollar or so more than the package of raw eggs and makes it much easier. Which is good, because I know that I wouldn't eat them if I had to cook and peel them.